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Why Study Psychology? Benefits of a Psychology Degree

Written by: East Carolina University®   •  Jan 3, 2024
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Why Study Psychology? Benefits of a Psychology Degree

Psychology is the study of the mind. This analysis can provide insight into human behavior and how people may react in certain situations. While the application of psychological techniques can help professionals equipped with a psychology degree to aid people in overcoming personal barriers and improving their well-being, the core element of psychology allows it to have much broader applications. 

Even if you don’t pursue a career as a psychologist, plenty of reasons exist for why studying psychology can help prepare you to succeed in whatever career path you choose. Understanding how the mind works in various scenarios can allow you to possess keen insight into how people interact with other people and environments. This knowledge can yield a host of benefits that can enable you to become a key asset in strategic development across a wide number of fields, industries, and concepts. 

What’s a Psychology Degree?

To fully grasp why studying psychology can be beneficial to a career, it’s important to first break down a typical psychology degree. By examining the degree’s components, individuals can see precisely how it can help them establish a foundation that can serve them well within various career paths. 

An undergraduate psychology degree, such as a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology , examines the basic elements of psychological theory, methodologists, and practice. Digging into these elements can equip individuals with the rationale behind these elements, from the factors that may drive a particular psychological school of thought to an observation of these theories in action. 

A psychology degree’s coursework plots out the educational road map. Typical undergraduate courses within the program not only provide a general view of psychology but also focus directly on branches of psychology—allowing individuals to develop a holistic viewpoint of the subject. These branches include the following:

  • Developmental psychology. This branch focuses on how people grow and change during their life span.
  • Social psychology. This branch examines how people behave in groups and within interpersonal relationships.
  • Behavioral psychology. This branch studies the development of human behaviors and how these behaviors may be changed or modified.
  • Cognitive psychology. This branch focuses on brain functionality.
  • Personality psychology. This branch analyzes how social and behavioral patterns affect how people view themselves.

In addition to these subjects, a psychology degree’s coursework features classes designed to hone specific professional skills, such as research methodologies and statistics. 

Collectively, the coursework allows individuals to take a step back and view the dynamics that may drive an individual’s actions in certain situations. This can help lead to effective therapeutic solutions in the psychology field. In a business setting, they may be able to take this knowledge and help craft solutions and scenarios that can optimize a person’s ability to perform within certain business constructs. This can lead to improved results and ultimately improved growth and stability for a company, and, in turn, it can allow one to be viewed as a trusted leader who can guide people and groups toward success. Among other reasons, this is why studying psychology can be such a critical step for growing an individual’s career.

What Are the Benefits of a Psychology Degree?

A psychology degree’s coursework prepares people to better understand people, and it gives them the ability to know why others may act in certain situations. This combination can yield numerous benefits inside and outside the psychology field. These benefits can be professional, but they can also be personal.

Gain a Better Understanding of Others

A psychology degree can help individuals fully grasp the context of behavior, giving them insight into the motivations and influences that may drive a person to act a certain way in specific situations. This understanding can help them place people in professional situations that allow their skills to shine their brightest. This can potentially boost a person’s performance and can have positive dividends on a company’s bottom line. 

Gain a Better Understanding of Self

The insight gained from a psychology degree doesn’t just apply to others. Degree holders will develop a better measure of introspection, in which they can understand how personal factors from their life have impacted their behaviors and their outlook. This enhanced recognition can conceivably make it easier for them to adjust and improve certain behaviors.

Promote Wellness in the Workplace More Effectively

Workplace wellness can encourage behaviors that can improve employee health. It can also drive benefits that have a positive impact on business performance, such as improved employee morale, boosted productivity, and reduced stress levels. Studying psychology and its elements of behavior dynamics can help individuals devise strategies that best align with a workforce’s individuals and their motivational tendencies. Over time, this can yield positive results for the workers and their businesses.

Build a Broad Skill Set

Courses that focus on various branches of psychology and other concepts, such as research methodologies, refine skills that are critical to possess regardless of one’s career, such as analytical and critical thinking competencies. Studying psychology also helps individuals become better communicators, as they’ll be better equipped to detect an employee’s emotions and body language. This can help improve their ability to engage with employees and can be helpful as they ascend to leadership positions.

Broaden Potential Career Options

The skills that individuals can cultivate by studying psychology are transferable to a wide range of careers beyond the psychology field, including business, education, and counseling. Most career paths involving workforce engagement or dedicated interactions with individuals or groups can potentially be possible to pursue. 

Prepare for Leadership

Understanding behavior dynamics on an individual and a group level may make it easier to know how to develop leadership strategies that consistently inspire, engage, and motivate employees. This can lead to a more effective, impactful workforce that can achieve various business-related goals more efficiently.

Build Toward a Bright Future

Why study psychology? Importantly, those who do will learn more than the behavioral tendencies of people. They’ll also develop a better understanding of the context surrounding these behaviors. This understanding can translate into effective guidance and leadership throughout many environments beyond the psychology field. 

The online BA in Psychology program at East Carolina University® is designed to help you cultivate these essential skills. Our program is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the psychological concepts that can transform you into a results-driven leader who people trust as your career progresses, regardless of what career path you choose. Learn how we can help you get ready for success.

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